More About Me

Not Your Average Agent!

I am a San Diego County resident and a California Native. 

I have never lived more than 80 miles from the Coast and have lived most of my life within a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. 

I am the guy wearing flip flops and shorts at an open house. 

I am as ready to chat about Music, BBQing, Micro brew beers as I am real estate. 

My Bride and I are caregivers to both of my Parents.

I'm going to pick apart and laugh at a house long before showing you the best features (and I will be wearing flip flops and shorts). Without a doubt I am going to show you the best features of a home, but I will make sure to point out the ”red flags” so you can make the best decisions possible. 

I'm going to call, text or e-mail you just to say "Hi"... Nope, I won't reach out to you just to talk about real estate. We all have a lot more in life then just one topic. 

On any given night, I may be playing my Taylor guitar with the Free Beer Band in a dive bar, restaurant, brewery or private event. 

In the morning, you might find me going for a walk around the neighborhood or Carlsbad State beach, hike in places like Calavera Hills (or sometimes a run) with my Bride, Treena and dog, Kona. 

If I can really carve out some time, I'll dust off my bike and go mountain biking on any single track I can find. 

I appreciate people who are helpful and go that extra mile.  And, I'll do the same for them.

You will almost always find me with family and friends. 

You might find me at The Landing, The Barrio, Pizza Port, Aztec Brewery, Latitude 33 or any number of amazing restaurants and micro-brews. 

I love to decorate for the holidays (Halloween is my favorite). 

I enjoys working in the yard and studied horticulture many years back. 

I stand for the American Flag and National Anthem and kneel for the fallen! 

Firefighters are heroes!  So are Nurses.  Military too.  And any First Responder.

I think watching the sunset at the beach with my Bride is the perfect way to end the day. 

But don't let the free spirit, flip flops and shorts fool you. 

I negotiate hard!

...and I negotiate hard for you! 

I spent many years in Silicon Valley as a Purchasing Agent. They (the electronics companies and manufacturers) sent me to every negotiations class possible. I have years of experience in negotiations, I understand people and know how to read them. 

Each and every transaction is never about me. It's your home and I work for you 100% of the time.Your going to live there, not me.  It's important to me your happy where you live.

I have been in the real estate business and licensed with the State of California (BRE Lic 01323509) since 2002 and have more experience than the average Agent (I had the opportunity to list and sell 100’s of foreclosed properties). 

Those Silicon Valley companies also sent me to a large array of statistics classes. I know how to read market trends. I have the resources that predict the futures in real estate. 

So why flip flops and shorts? I guarantee you, you and I are both more comfortable going casual vs wearing a suite (been there - done that). After all, we are in San Diego with the best weather in the entire Nation. 

I listen, listen, listen.

Did I mention, this is about you - no exceptions!

If you want the Ken and Barbie Agent showing up in the latest luxury vehicle - that's not me. 

I will schedule all the inspections for you. I’ll review every report and give you honest and professional feedback. I’ll give you advice. I’ll give my opinion if a house is a good deal or not. I will close the deal for you if it’s the right house and get you out of the transaction if it’s not.

If you want to have fun during the most stressful decision of your life, have someone on your side, someone who is down to earth and amazingly honest, a person who is going to be tough on a house to make sure you get 

the right house, 

the best house, 

the perfect house... 

then I am your guy.

Call or text

(760) 814-0248

Steve Cardinalli