Uncategorized July 15, 2019

Light Fixtures

Did you know your new home might not have hard wired light fixtures?

Actually, it is very likely the only hard wired interior lights will be in the kitchen , dining area/room and bathroom.

Kitchens will often have recessed or canned lights in newer homes and older homes may have florescent fixtures.

Dining areas or dining rooms often have a chandelier style lights over the dining table area.

Bathrooms…  very common to have a light fixture above the sink that may be as simple is a couple of bulbs or it could be an entire “Hollywood” style light that has several bulbs around the mirror.

And that may be all the lights to come with the house.

It is very common for the bedrooms not not have any lights hardwired.

Depending of the way the house was built, installing lights may be very easy (I always recommend hiring an electrician).  A crawlspace or attic is optimal for wiring lights properly and the easiest way to hide wires.  If that is not an option, lights can be wired and hidden by decorative tubes (again, call an electrician).

Table and floor lights are great options.  They can cost effective, can be installed by anyone (just plug it in), are easily moved around the room, are easy to change the bulbs compared to a light fixture installed in the ceiling and can easily be changed to match the rooms decorating theme.

The night time you purchasing a home, make a note if the room has lights already installed and do they match your style.

Lights, hard wired or personal property, are the perfect way to set the mood of the room.