Uncategorized July 15, 2019

Burgundy Stone (B.S.)

Burgundy Stone (we will refer to them as B.S. for short), while not the real companies name, B.S. has been a challenge to set a showing appointment.

Yesterday a Client reached out, very excited that a house in her old neighborhood is on the market and she would very much like to look at it.

Well, I love helping my Clients at the highest level I can and naturally I was excited for her.

So.. I checked the MLS for showing instruction and, well, the instructions are “do not call the Listing Agent, call B.S.”

Just so you know, when I list a property for sale, I always make sure I am available as often as I can be or I call back as quickly as I can.

OK, whatever, I will call the B.S. call center (which we all love to do) and navigate their phone directory and B.S. messages until I find a live B.S. Agent.

The B.S. Agent (or operator) tells me she cannot set the appointment and that I have to go to the B.S. website.  Huh?  Then why was I told to call the B.S. number?  “I can take a message” she tells me and someone will call you back.

This seems like a sales prevention tactic, but I comply because I believe in taking great care of my Clients and a little phone call to a B.S. company isn’t going to stop me.

Then I go to their B.S. website to set the showing appointment,  I navigate to the scheduling page, feeling pretty lucky my Clients preferred date and time are available, I set the appointment (so I thought).

Nope, someone has to call me back…  grrr

A quick recap so far: 1) You cannot call the Listing Agent; 2) The B.S. number you are told to call cannot set the appointment; 3) The B.S. website you are told to go to cannot set the appointment.

Now I am wondering, just how long does it take for someone to call me back to show a house that is vacant??

Yay!  I get the call!  I’m going to set the appointment.  My Client is going to be happy!!  Yipee….. oh…. they can’t set the appointment.  I have to go to a different website….  But they will text me the website address.

Sure, I got a text… it’s a phone number.

So finally, after multiple attempts, I am finally able to set the appointment.

This seems like a lot of work to show a house that is vacant and on a lock box.  You have to wonder just how well is B.S. representing their Clients when a simple task is complicated.  Sure, they claim to save you thousand, but if your house doesn’t sell, what’s the point.  If it’s on the market longer then the average, are you really saving anything (after you pay additional mortgage, insurance, maintenance and taxes).